Ennhoud City, Geographic Location and Some Information:

Ennhoud City (was found about 1779), is located 830 km from capital Khartoum, in West Kurdofan State in the central of the Sudan and marked by latitudes 12 0.746 °´N and longitudes 28° 0.60´East. The soil is sand to sandy loam with narrow clay areas around the seasonal valleys.

Ennhoud area has a potentiality in wild Products for food security which has Socio-economic impact on the local people.

Ennhoud City lies in semi-arid savannah zone, characterized by annual rain 350mm, whereas farmer produces diverse of cash and subsistent crops. So, and to brigade the gap in food and some time  the vegetation covers diversify by acacias which was dominated with wide belts such as Gum Arabic belts which recognized as the biggest Gum Arabic belt over the world produced from Acacia Senegal (Hashab) mainly with others gums like Acacia seyal (Talha). Also there are other natural products such as Acacia Polycantha (Kakamout), Frankense (Tarag-Tarag), Zizyphus spina-christi (Nabag), Balanitiesaegyptiaca (Laloub),  Adansoniadigitata (Gunglaize), Acacia nilotica (Garad) , Azadirchtaindica A. Juss (Neem), Grewiatenax ( Forssk.) Fiori (Godeim), Hibiscus sabdariffa L. (Karkadeh), Cassia senna (Sannamaka), Tamarindusindica (Aradieb), Aloe crassipes& Aloe sinkatana (Sabbar). Which used as complementary food for both human and animals.

The local people were engaged with natural products for socio-economic aspects and for aromatic and medical purposes due to their indigenous knowledge.

Although there is a huge product of wild fruits in Ennhoud locality, but still it’s traditional in all practices of fruit collection, fruit package, sorting out and grading, processing and marketing.

West Kurdofan University


 المسجد العتيق- النهود


 الجهاز القضائي النهود


 نادي السلام – النهود



 Diversity in Crops and Wild Products:

(Cash, Food, Aromatic &Medicinal Purposes)

Gum of Acacia Senegal (Hashab)


 Acacia Senegal (Hashab)


 Gum Arabic, Acacia Senegal (Hashab)

Groundnut Pure Seeds

Watermelon Seeds


Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Roselle -Karkadi)




 Grewiatenax( Forssk.) Fiori (Godeim)


 Adansoniadigitata (Gunglaize- Baobab)

 African baobab Tree (Tabaldi)


 ZiziphusIndicus  (Nabag)


Diversity in Livestock Production:



 Hamari sheep

Local cattle

 Traditional mining of gold